Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy Kshethram

Kasaragod: The God’s Own Land

Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy Kshethram

The Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy temple is one of the famous temples of Kerala. Palakunnu Shree Bhagavathy Kshetram is a kilometer north of Trikkannad on the Kasargod – Kanhangad road (Chandragiri way). The basic rule God of the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy of temple is goddess Bhagavathy, which is alias Kurumba Bhagavathy. The other Gods and the Goddesses at the temple are the Iliya Bhagavathy, Dhandan, Ghandakarnam, Vishnu Moorthy and Gulikan.

Palakkunnu Sree Bhagavathy Kshethram

Apart from these main Gods and Goddesses there are sub deities, which are included also in the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy Temple. They consist Moovalamkuuhi Chamundi and of Padinhatta Chamundi. The famous festival of the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy of temple is Bharani Maholsavam. This festival is normally held in March. Another festival, which than Maruputhari admits festival is, is held in the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy temple during December – January. Few other festivals such as Kalam Kanippu Maholsavam and Poorolsavam are held also at this temple.

From the numerous festivals, which are held for Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy in the temple, the Bharani Maholsavam festival is the mainly significant. Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy temple Bharani Maholsavam is the annual festival, which is celebrated with the Bhagavathy Kshetram, one of the famous temples of the Thiyya community, of Palakunnu. The Bharani Mahotsavam becomes compared with the “Thrisur Pooram”. It begins next one on that day after at the beginning of the Arattu Festival at the Trikkanad temple. This is, because Trikkanad temple straight some kilometers of the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy temple is.

It is another renowned place of worship of the Thiyya Dynasty. A single rope is used by both the temples for the purpose of Dwajarohanam. The Bharani Festival culminates in Auirathiri Utsavam. The area where these temples are situated falls under the authority of the Udma Panchayat and Chemnath Panchayat. They provide plenty of offerings to the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy Temple.

Bharani Fireworks

Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy Kshethram is another famous place of the admiration of the Thiyya Dynasty. Individual rope is used by both temples for Dwajarohanam. The Bharani festival culminates in Ayirathiri Utsavam. The temple has jurisdiction over the ranges Pallikkere Panchayath, Udma Panchayath, Chemnad Panchayath and Kolathur of the village of Bedadka Panchayath. They place much from victims to the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy temple to the order.These victims are carried with large joy and enthusiasm in a procession. These deliveries consist expensive jewelry and of cash money also. Therefore the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy temple of one of the richest temples is with Kerala.

Ayirathiri Mahothsavam

During the festival the people carry multicolored dresses and celebrate the festive tendency are perceptibly from the faces of the young and old alike. A bright announcement of the fireworks is another characteristic of this festival.

The divinities the close convenient temple is taken to the temple in a procession (Kazhcha) for the period of the festival time. After the victims and the procession there is a wonderful announcement of the fireworks. Many people and over in the district and in the neighbor states worry themselves this multicolored function.

Kottikkulam station is the next Railhead. There are the frequent buses, which run between Kasargod and Trikkannad.


6 thoughts on “Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy Kshethram

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  2. Benito

    Can i get Exact date of this festival..

  3. Vijayakumar

    2012 Bharani Festival
    On Feb 22 bharani mahothsav.
    Feb 18 thrikannad arat.
    Arat mahothsav starts on feb 12 and bharani ends on feb 23. The main attraction on feb 22.

  4. Prabhas

    Can I get full address of this temple…

  5. Benito Kurian

    Kindly let me know 2013 Bharani Festival date Plzz….

  6. Vignesh vijayan thellath

    2013 bharani festival starts march 9 ends on 13 , main attraction on mar 12

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